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Resistance bands are one of the underrated fitness tools. They are not only lightweight and easy to pack but are very effective in targeting your muscles for flexibility. So, let's strike up and understand Why You Must Use Resistance Bands.

They are really portable, and there are plenty of exercises that you can do using the resistance bands. Depending on the type of exercise and activities the resistance may vary a great deal, You can train anytime anywhere with the resistance band and you don't require to hit the gym to get a full-body workout anymore. You can include a different verity of exercises and use the resistance band to create tension while targeting each muscle.

There are different types of bands, some comes in a plain structure whereas some come with handles and with different resistance. The single loop bands are those which does not have handles on them, then we got one of the classic band with handles at the end. They're really inexpensive and you can easily find them online.

The good thing with these resistance bands is that When we extend this band in any movement pattern, it does not form a perfect line making it easier to adjust inline with the body movement. Every single time you do a rep the amount of tension varies and the force formed from the resistance band is channeled in different directions which makes it effective in targeting your muscles. and the versatile nature of the band maks it really safer to use them.

You can use them during any exercises that you are familiar with such as, the kickbacks, with presses, 
standing on it, with curls, around your feet where you can move side to side while targeting your inner thigh muscles and your hips. You can even use it while seated in a chair, you can do curls from the chair and so on. The resistance band so portable and it forces you to make little adaptations during the movement which keeps your muscles tensed.

Resistance bands are an amazing tool, do not neglect to use them, Put them to work.

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