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This coronavirus or COVID-19 is called "novel" because we have never seen it before, and there is a lot we don't know about it which makes it scary. until we find a vaccine against it we will have to live with it, here are some tips on living with COVID-19.


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We need to take extra precautions with the groceries that are brought into our homes. The Food and Drug Administration has said that there is no evidence that coronavirus is spread through food or food packaging. however, it is best to disinfect the delivery bags or cardboard boxes at this time. it's best to have a have no-contact delivery and if you decide to go to the store make sure to touch only the products that you are going to place into your cart for your own and for others protection. having a couple of weeks of food on hand reduces your grocery visits.


Virus, Covid19, coronavirus, infection, gloves, disinfect, virusThe main way COVID-19 virus spreads is through droplets as when someone coughs or sneezes and a person touching the infected surfaces collect viruses which are then transferred to your eyes, nose, and mouth by touching and causes you to get COVID-19. You can reduce the risk by disinfecting surfaces, wearing gloves, avoid touching your faces and washing your hands all the time with soap and water or a hand sanitizer.

Social Distancing

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This is not the time for socializing and gathering until the researchers are able to find a cure or vaccine we have to stay vigilant and take all the precatory measures. You should always ask yourself "Am I distancing myself from other people?" keeping 6 feet distance away from the people is always recommended, even if it feels awkward or weird or takes an extra couple of minutes. Avoid shaking hands, hugging, or kissing, especially with your elderly parents and small children as they are more prone to COVID-19.

should you notice any symptoms do not neglect but consult your local medical team as you start to learn to live with COVID-19.

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