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Spring is nearby and it's the perfect time to start planting. here are 5 Gardening tips to consider before you start gardening.


This is the first thing to consider before starting your new garden. most vegetables, herbs, and fruits require about 8 hours of direct sunlight to grow at its best. You must do shading in extreme heat to avoid overheating your plants, you can allocate the more shady areas of your garden to those plants that require less sunshine. 


Make sure the location of your garden is closer to a water source or install water barrels and other means of irrigation system to make watering quick and easy. As your plants required to be watered regularly, easy availability of water sources reduces much of the hurdles.

Organic Matter

Nourish your garden with organic matter such as garden compost and manure at least once a year, the more you use organic matter the better it is. You can include the fallen leaves from the plants while preparing the compost. Manure must be rotted down for at least six months before its application, this is to avoid the weed seeds contained in the fresh manure which can harm your plants. it is always better to avoid the chemical fertilizers to improve soil health providing a healthier environment for the roots.


This is the area you sow the seeds into, make sure it has a crumbly texture. the size of the holes you dig to sow seeds should be big and the hole should be covered with loose soil, which will make it easier for new roots to grow. depending upon the crops, you will need to water them more often at the initial stages.


They are the villains in your garden, remove them as soon as you spot them eliminating their chance to produce seeds and spread. Mulching with organic matter will stop the growth of weeds, as an added benefit it improves your soil as well.

As different crops and soil require different methods of caring, it is always better to consult your local agriculture department before you start. You may make mistakes at the beginning, don't be demotivated by them but instead take those as opportunities to learn from them.


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