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Treadmills are popular choices for a cardio workout. let's discuss the basic functionality to use treadmills like a Pro.
There are several different types of treadmills, each varies from one to another, but almost all of them will all have the same basic functions. Before you start do not forget to check the walking belt of your machine.

Manual Workout

There are two types of Treadmills, manual and motorized. In a manual treadmill, you use your body's acceleration to control the Machine's speed, unlike the motorized machine which is powered by electricity. To get started on a beginner's workout, just press the "Quick Start" button.

Speed and Incline

Start your workout with whatever speed and time that you are comfortable with but you should work your way up gradually in both speed and incline until you know what's comfortable for you. You can adjust your speed and incline using the arrow buttons which you will find on both handles of your treadmill, continue to adjust until to find a setting that's just right for you. Try to shoot for 20-30 minutes if you'd like to do a full cardio workout.

Heart Rate

If you wish to check your heart rate any time during the workout simply touch or hold onto the chrome sensors on both handles to display your heart rate on the console.


Should you feel any discomfort during the workout you can always press the "Emergency' button to stop. alternatively, the emergency stop clip can be attached to your clothing so that a sudden change in your position on the treadmill will stop the machine.


Once you are comfortable enough with the manual workout and want to add some variety to your cardio workout, you have the choice of a variety of inbuilt programs that will automatically adjust your speed, time and incline position during your run. you may be requested for additional information like your weight, age, or intensity level to personalize the workout.


When you are finished with your workout, the "Stop" button will gradually slow the machine to a stop.

Don't forget to wipe down the equipment after each use for your and other's convenience and safety.

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