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You started your day with your dress shirt tucked in however, after only an hour your shirt is coming out, spoiling your look. don't worry I will give you some tips to get your shirt tucked in all day. Make sure to buy a shirt that is long enough to go below the beltline and well fit at the waist area.

Tip #1

we are all familiar with simply getting the shirt tucked into your pants. If you are in pretty good shape you are good to go but for the guys like me you got to do an extra step, unbutton your trousers, get the excess fabric at your sides and pinch them with your thumb and index finger and then use your thumb to fold the excess fabric backward and adjust until you are satisfied, now you can button your trousers. this will give you a comfortable appearance from the front.

Tip #2

This technique is especially useful to those who wear an undershirt, get your undershirt tucked into your underwear, and then tuck your shirt over your underwear and into your trousers, the friction between the shirt and undershirt holds your shirt from untucking. If you have a pretty good shape this might give you a comfortable look, if not continue to follow the method mentioned in Tip #1.

Tip #3

For this method, you will need to purchase a pair of Shirt Garters also known as shirt stays or shirt keepers. Shirt Garters are elastic straps with two ends which grips to the bottom of your shirt on one end and the top of your socks on the other end creating a light tension when worn, it pulls on your shirt while keeping it tucked in neatly all day long, no matter what you do, your shirt stays tucked in. this method is widely used by military and police officers to look sharp in their all-day movement in uniform. oh btw, as an added benefit they hold your socks up!

Go on and try these tips
 to get your shirt tucked in and let us know your experience.


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